Commercial Grade Water Restoration Fans

Aerofast Elite Fan 
AF Elite Pannel.png
The Aerofast Elite is the best low amp axial fan in the industry.


The Aerofast Elite Fan is able to stack better than any other unit in the industry. 


  • 1.8 Amps on high

  • 3,100 CFM 

  • Light 26.6 lbs

  • Thinner for Easier Carrying and Transportation

  • Advanced Slotted Front Grill 

  • Easily Stacks 10 Units High at only 100" tall 

  • High-Temperature Motor 158F Continuous

  • On/ Off Switch

  • 20ft Power Cord

  • Daisy Chain GFCI capable of hooking up to 6 units on one 15 amp breaker

The panel of the AF Elite Fan

  • On/ Off Switch
  • 12 AMP capacity GFCI


Aerofast Elite Fan Filters
These Filters are used when there is a need to filter dust, mold particulates, etc...
The filters are made especially for our Advanced Elite air movers. 
8 Merv- First level of filtering that takes out mold particulates.
Suction fit design for ease of use.
Transportation Board
Load up to 6 Fans at a time