Turtle Full Kit.png

The Turtle Power Kit Comes with:

  • Turtle Power Box

  • Rolling/ Back Strapped Equipment Bag

  • 3 Prong Range Connector (8ft)

  • 3 Prong Dryer Connector (8ft)

  • 4 Prong Range Connector (8ft)

  • 4 Prong Dryer Connector (8ft)

  • 4 x 15' Blue lighted 12g extension cords

Turtle Power Box.png

The Turtle power distribution box has a maximum running capacity of 60 amps at 120v.

Each 15 amp GFCI runs off of its own individual 15 amp breaker. 

The unit can be powered by either a 50 amp range outlet or a 30 amp dryer outlet.

National Electric code for extended power usage states that you shouldn't exceed 80%. For the extended use of the box, only 12 amps per GFCI should be utilized.


The Turtle Bag was designed to be the most versatile.  Heavy-duty wheels make for easy rolling. Handle slides easily up and down for use and storage. Straps free workers hands up for more efficient transport of products to the job site.

Rolling Bag.png